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Mission:   To improve the quality of life in our community by preventing the harmful consequences of opiate/heroin use. We will utilize multiple community stakeholders focused on prevention, education and support.


Alicia Malinger:  Co-Founder of the WAWM Heroin/Opiate Task Force and Safe & Supported Group Facilitator. Alicia is a wife, mom of two children, and has worked 11 yrs with WAWM Family Resource Center.  Her younger sister is battling a heroin addiction. Alicia works to help educate youth about the dangers of Heroin/Opiates in hopes of sparing another person and family the pain that follows these drugs. She also wants siblings of addicts to know that they are not alone and hopes to destigmatize the conversations surrounding addiction and mental health by sharing her personal experiences.

Joanie Luedke:  Co-Founder of the WAWM Heroin/Opiate Task Force and Director of the WAWM Family Resource Center (20 years).  Mom of a 26yr old daughter who was prescribed pain medication to manage a painful disease at the age of 12 years old that later turned into a heroin addiction.  Joanie works diligently to raise awareness of what prescription drugs can do, pathways to heroin and how to protect your children.  She also provides support to other parents and works with other grandparents raising grandchildren, as she raises her 7 year old grandson.


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